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 Pioneering in-car advertising for private hires

PHV Media

Reach out to your potential customers creatively with our unique in-car advertising solution.

For Private Hire Owners/Drivers

There is only so much trips you can do. Boost your income with in-car advertising.

We will help you install in-car display at your back seat and serve advertisements from our advertisers.

Get paid every month. Simply contact us to find out more. We will get you started quickly.


About Us

in-car Advertising

Unique advertising opportunities for companies and brands.

PHV MEDIA delivers a novel concept to allow brands to reach out to a large pool of customers in a creative and cost-effective manner.

Private hire owners or rental companies can provide this solution to their drivers and offer a lower & more competitive rental rates.

Private hire drivers can also join the PHV MEDIA network and earn extra income just by providing in-car advertisements.

Advertise in-car with PHV MEDIA